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E-Shop Development

We possess the most powerful, flexible and intuitive e-commerce solutions needed to create an online store that converts visitors into customers. Whether it’s your first step into selling online or you’re looking to advance your online presence, we provide you with all the tools you need to help you enhance the visibility of your product, increase its international appeal and elevate your sales.

For several years now I have been collaborating with Studio 4D, the first company to create my personal website! It's a team of creative, flexible, and always ready to help people. Even after creating a new design and completing all the work, they still help me if there is a problem. This team is open to challenges. I had a pretty clear idea of ​​my website design, had no problems with my visions, but they offered me some of the latest technological opportunities I didn't know of.

I think our cooperation will continue for a long time!

Edgaras Montvidas

Opera soloist

Studio 4D specialists have created our company website, its design, and performed programming work. In addition, this team is still monitoring and regularly installing the updates required for the site. We trust them and we know that everything will be done in a timely and qualitative way. Live long and successfully!

Saulius Karžinauskas

UAB Fasadus Sales manager

We have been working with Studio 4D since 2009 so far. We have created with them both the first website of our company and the current one, which has been updated, optimized for search, adapted for mobile. Periodically, we meet and discuss further website enhancements, potential innovations. Yes, Studio 4D is a professional. We recommend them to our friends.

Viačeslav Kliain

UAB Vilniaus betono gaminiai CEO

Studio 4D has created a web portal for real estate, short-term and long-term rentals according to our wishes. They have also developed a professional web page design, especially considering our business goals, and have been continually consulting and exploring the essence of the project. This team has been doing the programming and has advised and assisted us whenever necessary. We recommend Studio4D as an excellent business partner in virtual space.

Darius Jaraminas

UAB Flat4Rent CEO

I've been working with Studio 4D team for more than 10 years. We are one of their first customers and we are happy to cooperate. Studio 4 D has created a website for renting and selling wedding dresses. Each year they update their website design, innovate and update the system. Everything is great. Thank you for the long-term and productive cooperation.

Tomas Kybartas


We have entrusted our website with Studio 4D and we are very pleased with our cooperation. Studio 4D not only created us a logo, a beautiful and modern website design, but also programmed our website according to our wishes. Now we can quickly and easily fill in the content of the site, create a production catalog and optimize the content of the website for search engines by using friendly links and other solutions. We are happy with our choice and wish the Studio 4D company great success!

Andrej Novikov

UAB Druzu medis CEO

The Studio 4D team not only created our company's website, but also programmed the price list for construction works, adapted it to mobile devices. In other words, we have fulfilled all our wishes. In fact, we've chosen the web development specialists carefully because we knew we would have to communicate for a long time. We are satisfied with the quality of the work. We have made the right choice.

Drąsius Šarkauskas

UAB Sandex CEO

We appreciate Study 4D for professionalism, goodwill and smooth cooperation. They are always ready to help, answer questions. It is no secret that all companies declare that their customers are the most important, but the loud slogans are usually different from reality. Only in case of Studio 4D. We have made sure that their customers' wishes are the most important ones. Good luck and endless energy!

Kristina Černiauskienė

UAB Integre Marketing director

We contacted the Studio 4D team to create a website presenting our rural tourism homestead. We've already heard good reviews about this company before, so we didn't need to consider who to choose to create a website that presents our business. We are pleased, and the prices here are not so high. I wish Study 4D success.

Leonarda Valikonienė

Vila Nora CEO

I am grateful to Studio 4D for professionalism - not only by creating an e-store with beautiful design and excellent functionality but also for SEO advice that allowed our site to rise on Google search and significantly increased sales. Efficiency in upgrading and consulting on issues. I strongly recommend to everyone 🙂

Andrius Simonaitis


We have been cooperating with Studio 4D for a long time. They have created a number of websites for us and we are happy with the results. We are happy to have partners who really care about our business and its future. It is good to communicate with people who sincerely wish to help. I wish you good luck now and in the future.

Arvydas Jurkaitis

UAB Sienojus CEO

Accessibility, convenience, creativity, imagery.

In today’s world, a good company website is one of the most important marketing tools of every successful brand.

What makes a good website? We’ll tell you here.

It is not enough just to create a website. Good websites have some important functions: to communicate with existing customers, to attract new customers, to accept orders, and so on. The most important thing is to make the website user-friendly and informative. Of course, you should not forget the design of the site, which is also very important for the site’s evaluation criteria.

Do not forget that the business purpose is to satisfy users’ needs, not your own. If people will not be able to use your business website conveniently, easily and quickly, even the most sophisticated technology will not save you.

Before developing or updating your website, entrepreneurs should first analyze user experience. Simply, businesses need to focus on the experiences that their web site provides to people who visit them. The following are the key points:

  • Is it easy for users to use the site?
  • Can you find the right information quickly and easily?
  • Are visitors satisfied with the usefulness of the site?
  • Are visiting goals fairly fast?
  • Would they recommend this site to friends and colleagues?

The science that deals with consumer experiences consists of three areas: access to information, website accessibility, creativity, and image. We will talk about each of them individually.

Access to information

The higher the level of access to information, the more people can use it. In this case, we are talking about people with disabilities. Business people often do not pay enough attention to this group of people. This is a big mistake because people with disabilities make up a significant proportion of Internet users. After all, people with disabilities more or less restrict their mobility, and the Internet is a very convenient medium for acquiring the necessary goods, services, and managing various affairs. By ensuring the highest level of access to information, you increase your chances of attracting new visitors.

Website convenience

The convenience of the website is no less important than the availability of information. Imagine the situation: You are an internet user looking for the right information that you can easily find, but it’s not easy to use the website: information is broken up and so on. In this case, it is most likely that you will seek information elsewhere. Therefore, it is very important that the site is convenient and easy to use. You must enable the user to easily and quickly complete the tasks for which he has visited your web site.

To help users navigate and not get lost on big websites (which consist of 1000 pages or more), the site map is used.

Creativity, image

These items are no less important than the convenience of a web site. In fact, creativity is best associated with the image of the company and the convenience with the image of the website. For example, colors are important for both the company and the image of the website. Their choice influences consumer experience. Different colors cause different emotions. We advise you to choose the most neutral, warmer colors that do not distract from textual information.

It is also very important to maintain a consistent design. Certain objects must be located in the same places when navigating through different pages of the website. This makes it easier for visitors to customize the site and make it more familiar to them.

Although creativity is only mentioned in the third in the list of consumer issues, but it is the thing that first hits the eye and creates the first impression of the website.

So, a good website should be easy to find, user-friendly and have a great design. If you need such a site, contact Studio 4D.



Rent, create or purchase an e-store? Which solution is better for your business?

Nowadays, a more active life takes place in the Internet than in reality. We interact with friends and relatives on the Internet, pay taxes, get instant credits, shop online, and so on. With a computer and internet access, we can handle most of our belongings, entertain (play computer games, watch movies, listen to music) without leaving home.

The fact is that adapting to the rapidly changing consumer habits, more and more entrepreneurs move stores to the online space. Businessmen are better creating online stores than opening a store at a large shopping and entertainment center or on the busy Old Town street.

In addition to the fact that people like to shop online, one more advantage of such stores is the smaller investment to open / create and maintain them. It’s no secret that real stores need not only more staff, but also premises for warehousing. By having an online store, most of these problems will be avoided.

In fact, there are three ways to start selling online: you can build, buy or rent an online store. It depends on the project budget, the needs of the individual entrepreneur, and the time of creating the e-store, and so on.

Online store rental for business

Online store rental is a service for those entrepreneurs who are taking the first steps in the trade, who are not sure if this business is right for them or whether they will be able to trade online. The online rental of the store is also a great way for businessmen who want to test their newly created market product for sale.

The online rental of a store is a service where the store owns its developer, and for the lender the lessee pays a fixed monthly fee, which depends on the complexity of the desired online store, and so on.

Online store rental and maintenance of the shop

The rental service consists of identifying the specific needs of the customer, determining the delivery of goods and methods of payment, the nature of the goods, the country where the sale is planned. This creates an online store whose property remains in the hands of the service provider and the tenant can use it for a certain monthly fee. In addition, he is provided with advice and technical maintenance of the shop. If after some time a businessman decides to purchase an online store, he can easily do this. As we have already mentioned, each store is assessed by its complexity as it is created, so the entrepreneur knows in advance the price and can decide if it is acceptable, which is equivalent to the quality of the online store.

It’s easy to rent e-stores

Indeed, there are many cases in which the online rental of a store helps a person to finally decide that this business is not for him: lack of sales skills, do not like the sales process, and so on. You can then stop renting it and look for a niche for you. With your own online store, things would not be as easy as renting: you should find who would like to buy your business, agree on a reasonable price for you and the buyer. It’s no secret that it takes quite a long time and costs a lot of nerves. Therefore, for beginner entrepreneurs who do not have experience in online business, it is advisable to rent an e-store first and only if you decide that you want to sell and you can sell yourself, buy it.

The main differences between rental and development of e-stores

What are the main differences between rented and your own online store? These are not only property rights, but also functionality enhancements and design solutions. Of course, more advantages are on the side of your own online store. However, even in a rented shop, in agreement with the owner, you can make a number of changes, updates. For example, in order to make the e-shop look professional, you can adjust the design patterns, install the branding style of the leased branding, improve, and speed up the shop’s performance.

So if you want to start an e-commerce business but do not have enough experience in this area, do not know if this business is right for you, contact our company Studio 4D. We provide high-quality online store rental services.

Let’s collaborate and strive for business heights together!

E-shop: how to start?

E-commerce increasingly takes up more and more of life’s transactions. The Internet can be used not only for shopping, but also for paying bills, taking loans or even looking for love. It may be that there will soon be a time when people will not be able to communicate with each other alive, because virtual communication will gradually reduce live communication skills. Virtual communication is much easier, more convenient – you can pretend to be the one you want to wear with the mask you want. You are probably seeing that the young generation (current children and teenagers) always have smartphones in their hands, even at school, on the street. What do modern students do during school breaks? Oh, they’re sitting swaying their smartphones. On the one hand, this is very bad. On the other hand, we can be happy because a smart generation is growing, which members will not have problems with the skills of using computers and other electronic devices. This is still a relatively common occurrence among older people. But while we are waiting for a new, smart generation that is going to create new products that are not yet available to us, that will offer a variety of new services, let’s talk about the realities of today. One of them is electronic stores. Find out how to start if you want to have such a store.

How to attract as many visitors as possible?

Many people think that their main task is to find good professionals who could create an online store. Of course, this is an important step, but not the only one.

Imagine that you already have an e-shop created. What should be your next step and goal? Make as many customers as possible. You have to understand that people do not know anything about a new e-shop, and if you do not take action, they will never know. It is really important to advertise your e-shop well.

A new store in any large supermarket or city attracts people without any special promotions. Potential customers come across it and are curious about it. Obviously, online stores do not really add customers this way. More effort is needed to promote an e-shop.

You can advertise your online store on social networks or try to attract potential customers by paying for advertisements, banner clicks on various search engines. But the most effective way is SEO (search engine optimization). According to marketing specialists, this is the most effective way of attracting visitors. Search engine optimization is a long process of patience and workflow. While you start seeing SEO results, you can use other ways to attract visitors: send newsletters, advertise electronic content on social networks, and more. It all depends on the target audience, workgroup, store type you want to attract, and so on. Don’t be penny wise but pound foolish with your digital marketing in today’s world.

Who will create e-store content?

This is another extremely important question you should ask yourself before deciding to have an e-shop. Evaluate your options, whether you will be able to upload, create product descriptions, edit them, and select high-quality photos yourself. All this takes a lot of time, especially if the store’s range of goods is extremely rich. The content of electronic stores is the most important. It’s also important to choose the right professionals who you trust to create an online store. If visitors come to your e-shop, they will see mistakes in descriptions, poor quality photos, chaotic product placement on the page, and so on, they will not really become your customers. It does not matter that you offer lower prices or you are fond of discounts. We suggest you to trust all this work to the specialists.

Larger e-shops have blog sections, present certain brands in the articles, etc. It is also very helpful in drawing people’s attention.

Who will you trust in the administration of the e-shop?

It’s no secret that not only real, but also online stores need staff. Just like in a real store, people on the Internet also need to update their information, manage orders, and advise clients. The number of employees, of course, depends on the range of products, the popularity of the shop, and so on.

Hard-working people are successful people. You need constantly to improve, stay on the go and keep up with the innovations. This is also true for e-shops: their design, technical parameters. In order to win a competitive battle, it is important to feel the winds of new technologies and innovations. It is essential to ensure the smooth operation of the shop and the introduction of new features.

The best and smartest solution is to entrust all of your e-commerce creation, maintenance, and administration-related tasks to our company, Studio 4D. We are ready to help you, consult and become your regular partners in a competitive e-commerce business.

If you choose Studio 4D, you do not have to think how to start the creation of your online store. Our specialists know how to start and how to turn your e-shop into a high-performing project and leave competitors out of sight.

Let’s start a successful business together!



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