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What is the cost for development of an online store?

What is the cost for development of an online store?

The online trading business is developing, developing and expanding rapidly. Electronic stores are probably the fastest, easiest and most demanding way to shop. There are many advantages of e-shops, but to make the e-shop a success, a lot of effort and investment is needed.

A variety of businessmen are pushing the online sales world. Some are successful in building and expanding the physical store network, and are striving to further enhance online trading, while others create both physical and electronic stores from the beginning to try to develop their business in both spheres and even young entrepreneurs who have decided to start selling online. So everyone is interested in the e-shop, its functions, their benefits and, of course, their price and what it belongs to.

E-shop: rent or buy?

First of all, those who want an e-shop are interested in what is more worthwhile: rent or buy. Each option has its own strengths and weaknesses, and the decision-making process determines whether the entrepreneur has long established itself in the world of commerce and has precise, clear wishes and visions related to the e-shop, and of course he wants effective results if the entrepreneur wants only to get acquainted with the operation of the e-shop, the mechanism from inside.

Typically, renting is recommended for those who are just taking the first steps in e-commerce or their trade is not yet big. Hence, renting an e-shop is suitable for those whose business is new or small, to get acquainted with the operation of the e-shop. If something fails, if the trade does not develop, the business is not painful, there is no big risk. Rent is also suitable for those who have a very limited budget and want to move on to a broader business. The most commonly cited advantages of e-shop renting are fast, easy, easy to install, simple to start, but the biggest and most striking drawback is templates. Your rented e-shop will be similar or even identical to other hundreds of stores. So it is worth considering whether you want to be the same as others, whether you want to seriously interest a customer in an exclusive online store (both in terms of design and features).

On the other hand, the creation of an e-shop, while requiring considerable investment, is often a very attractive solution. Entrepreneurs who choose to create an e-shop are seriously focused on trade, its results, customer needs, and original solutions. The e-shop created is distinguished from all rentals, which are usually the same and not the same weight on the Internet. It surprises us with non-standard solutions, has the most convenient access to the customer, adapts to its needs and simplifies the trade in every possible way.

Creating an e-shop: prices change

The cost of creating an e-store can vary greatly. Often more is wasted in order to save money. It is important to understand what the price depends on, what are the most expensive things, why they are at a price, what benefits they can give, what solutions need to be invested.

First of all, you should start with the e-shop project, the price of which depends on the technical requirements. This is influenced by the amount of planned production, its management, adjustment, editing, new introduction, settlement methods (for example, cash or transfer via PayPal, Payments.lt and others), which must guarantee the smooth payment of goods or services, installation of delivery modules (different forms of delivery), order management (informing new customers, orders, reviewing orders, ordering order status to the buyer, etc.), joining accounting software and other necessary and desired modules that are useful for trade. The simpler, more automated systems you want, the more you need to invest. It goes without saying that project management costs also require investment: design issues, project management, work organization and coordination of professionals are required.

Purchase or renting software has an impact on the price. Free applications (such as Magento, an open source e-commerce platform) can be used, as well as software to buy, rent, or subscribe to licenses.

In order for the online store to be realized, a programmer is needed. The cost of their work depends on both experience and technical requirements: the larger they are, the more the programmer will have to spend hours on the job.

Design. You have to understand one thing: if you want to have a copy of an e-shop design, it is cheap to buy. However, it is understood that this will not be an exclusive online store. It will simply be identified with a thousand others. Unique design is one of the most important keys to attract the buyer, awaken curiosity and persuade to stay. This requires a lot of specialist time, so it costs more. Such a design responds to the needs of the entrepreneur, the desires: the structure, the layout, the style is created from scratch on request. Unique design can be combined with the standard content management system used. However, it should be noted that different unique designs may differ in quality, which depends on the designer’s ability and experience. To avoid being disappointed, it is recommended to follow the work of the designer – you will get an impression of the quality of his work. The design you create is even simpler than the hundreds of templates you use, but at best the designer will surprise you with unique solutions and wisdom. In addition, the price of a design solution depends on the size of the electronic store. So the more attention is paid to the design and its quality, the more time and money you need to devote.

Creating a unique design can create a unique system. This is even more complicated work, requiring huge funds. Typically, standard content management systems are sufficient for e-shop customers because they have many features. So why may we need a unique content management system? First of all, it is necessary when your idea is original, new and unfulfilled. Non-standard solutions also require non-standard content management systems. On the other hand, it is recommended to create an individual content system when aiming for functionality by removing many unnecessary elements of the standard content system and inserting the original solution. The unique content management system is focused on the specific functions required for a specific e-shop and on original, non-standard solutions. In addition, a unique content system is particularly relevant for large electronic stores that are seeking optimum work by automating a multitude of marketing processes that facilitate complex business operations.

You should also remember the SSL certificates (https: //), which are a security component. Their prices may vary due to the number of addresses for which the certificate is intended to be used (standard SSL certificate, SAN SSL certificate, Wildcard SSL certificate).

It should not be forgotten that an e-shop cannot start operating successfully and only profit when it is created. It is necessary to take care of marketing, which requires considerable additional resources. If you want the online store to be noticed, you need to invest in online advertising and organize it. Also, SEO (search engine optimization) optimization, which can help attract buyers, increase your feed, promote your store, and can give you a high position on Google searches cannot be overtaken. This again requires additional funds.

The cost of creating an e-shop will be higher, the more individual work will require, the more functions it will have to perform. Each additional new feature, module, original solution requires more investment. It is worth noting that the creation of an e-shop requires responsible work, the craftsmanship of specialists in their field and the willingness of the client to stand out and have an e-shop that not only responds to the needs of the clients but also helps to work productively.

Online shop creation services

Online shop creation services

The Magento platform is an unlimited online shopping facility

Online store development services are one of the biggest realities of today. Online stores are gaining popularity worldwide and, of course, in Lithuania, not only in days, but also in hours. It is realistic that one day they will withdraw from the market real stores that do not have their own electronic versions. And shops with websites will just move to the internet. After all, e-commerce has many advantages: you do not need to rent a home shop, hire a salesperson, etc. Online shopping is faster and more convenient because you don’t have to stand in queues, interact with intrusive sellers offering to buy what you don’t need at all.

It has to be said that the popularity of online store development services encourages current or future entrepreneurs to turn to programmers for the creation of a new e-store or the improvement already existing.

In this article, we’ll talk about the most popular e-commerce platform for Magento e-commerce. This platform is mostly used by our company specialists, so we can guarantee that it is the best and most convenient. In general, asking any specialist in the field what kind of platform they choose will be most likely to hear the answer from the Magento platform.

The Magento Platform is probably the most popular, most complex and largest e-commerce platform in the world. This platform is an open source platform. The Magento platform has two versions: a free, also called “community”, and paid, which is usually chosen by large companies. It is written in PHP programming language, uses the Zend frame.

The Magento platform is designed to meet the most exceptional customer needs. If you want customers to come to your online store to be surprised, enjoy the convenience of shopping, just select this platform for creating online stores.

The advantages of Magento are unlimited modification possibilities. With the Magento platform, you will create an online store that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. The capabilities of the Magento platform are almost limitless. It is a platform for professionals managing a number of large online stores.

It is this powerful, huge platform for e-commerce development that allows you to create high-volume stores (millions and more). Of course, the maintenance of such huge stores is quite costly because it requires a lot of administrative staff.

One of the many advantages of the Magento e-commerce platform is that it is possible to use a shopping cart on this platform. It is incredibly convenient for shop customers who can buy many goods at the same time.

If you compare the Magento platform with another pretty popular PrestaShop platform, PrestaShop is more suitable for small and medium business. It is free, but you can purchase various additional paid modules. The PrestaShop e-commerce platform is suitable for low-skilled businesses, as its core functions are designed to work without the need for constant human care. The Magento platform requires an employee to sort the goods. The PrestaShop platform stands out for its convenient, fast, easy search for goods.

Another Shopify platform is the most suitable for those who are just starting an e-commerce business. Compared to the Magento platform, Shopify is easier to manage and fit for both small and large online stores. The great advantage of Shopify is that this platform does not require additional external programming resources. One of the main drawbacks is the extra charge for each function.

Our company Studio 4D uses the Magento platform, which allows creating a client’s dream store, for the creation of online stores. The capabilities of this platform are enormous, enabling even the most difficult customer expectations to be met. Magento Platform – Unlimited Design Options for Your Online Store, Large SEO Resources, Unlimited Plugins, and so on. This platform has all the latest features that electronic shop owners can dream of. And if you need more, experienced professionals can create exactly what you need with the Magento platform.

Choose us and we will work together on business heights!

Individual programming services

Individual programming services

Programming services sound like a normal thing in modern life, without which we can no longer work. However, we do not think about the programming process itself, the way things are going, what starts, what ends, how they work, or the solutions to achieve the best result. All of this is left to competent professionals, and we are just happy to see the result: a new web site, released on the Internet in an online store, an innovative mobile application.

Programming services are changing, expanding and improving because of the changing needs of society. Everyone wants to take advantage of the Internet and the opportunities of information technology, so the programmer has to be prepared for the various solutions. Modern man seeks one – to stand out from the crowd, to draw attention, often to go out of bounds, settled forms, to seek originality. Individual programming services are designed to satisfy the needs of a modern person – to be individual.

Custom programming – what is it?

Individual Programming Services are a set of two keywords to note: individual and programming. Programming focuses not on the template, but on individual, exclusive needs and solutions. And for such decisions, a professional team of experienced programmers is needed. Programmers seek to implement all the original, new ideas, to meet the exceptional needs of the client by programming individually – that is, individual programming services.

There are two types of individual programming services. First and foremost, individual programming services can be a job when choosing an existing platform, such as Magento, OpenCart or WordPress, which are now the most popular and demanding ones. However, that platform is being adjusted, tailored to the needs of the client, which is the preferred one, the most suitable platform is programmed individually by changing, adjusting, adapting. Secondly, individual programming services can be a job when individually programming a particular project, website, online store, or even a mobile application. This means that the software is tailored to the individual needs of the customer. It should be noted that this is done from scratch because the idea requires it.

Individual programming services are designed for non-standard projects. After all, originality is today’s business card.

Individual Programming Services: Project Implementation Stages

As already mentioned, we often only end up with a final result – a website created, an online store, or a mobile application. The final result is the most enjoyable part of the project implementation: the customer is happy with the implemented project and the team of programmers and developers has managed to satisfy the client’s expectations. However, the design of a web site, online store or mobile application that is being developed involves a complex process of creation and programming. Programming services consist of many stages. First of all, it is important to find out the needs of the client, analyze them and formulate the requirements properly. Then the design and system development works begin. Do not miss a crucial stage – testing: whether the system, the project is successful, or there are some obstacles to operation, missing. After testing the created system, after the correction, the created system is installed. The important thing is that the work at this stage does not end because the feedback from the customer is important: the customer tests the system, checks whether it meets the needs or works great.

So creating a new system involves many important stages, a great deal of workload, the responsibility of the professionals, and the commitment to stay satisfied.

Programming services: platforms and languages

It should be noted that existing platforms can be used to create a particular project. The most popular and famous are Magento, OpenCart and WordPress. They have both similarities and differences and often the choice of a particular platform depends on the content of the client’s desired form of project. The most popular is the Magento platform, which has secured a place among both programmers and users. It is especially popular in creating online stores. Undoubtedly, OpenCart and WordPress are also keeping pace with simplification. It is important to note that the choice of the platform depends on the client’s wish to implement the project – the website, the online store or another project. Usually this is helped by a specialist. It is worth noting that mobile platforms are different: Apple’s iPhone / iPod / iPad and Android OS are the best known.

Programming languages ​​are also various, such as PHP, Objective-C, HTM, CSS, XHTML, XML, XML Schema, XSLT, JavaScript, MS SQL, mySQL. They differ not only in the programming syntax, but also in the application of the most common client. One language is suitable for creating operating systems or games, others for creating websites, etc. It is important to know that a specialist chooses a platform and language that is best suited to the project. After all, the specialist’s need not only to perform his task properly, but also to open up all the programming possibilities in the client’s project.

Create a website for your business

Create a website for your business

Creating Websites: If you want to create what you should start with?

First, decide what type of site you need. The types we provide can help you do this. The type you choose controls the process of creating a website. It is necessary to answer the questions: whose needs will be met by this website, or will I be able to adjust my web site in the future and expand it. So the creation of web sites does not end in just creation. This is not a static process. The continuity of the process is for the future, because working with the website continues after the visible result – the website is created.

Creating web sites consists of parts of the development activity that are all important together and individually. Most importantly, start planning everything: from the idea of ​​the website, the goals to the specific colors that should dominate. It is very important to have a vision, as it is the initial framework for expanding the development process, helping to draw attention to certain wishes, ideas pushing for correct correction. Of course, it is very important to create a specific content of the website – the basic idea, the purpose of creating the website. Design is a very important stage. The first look of a website visitor is directed to attractive designs, colors and shapes. All of this is followed by implementation. An online web site needs to be launched. However, in order for a website to be successful, much attention needs to be paid to advertising. Today, the Internet has a wide variety of websites, and if you want your site to attract attention, you need to create a stimulus, push your web visitor to visit your site. Web site development involves the initial stage of the idea, the implementation of that idea in the form of a website, the promotion and improvement of that website. You should not be afraid to change to match the visitor’s needs, to show that the visitor is trying on the web site. Successful web site development ensures the success of a website.

Creating Websites: Create yourself or entrust this job to professionals?

Today, enthusiasts often want to create their own website. The Internet is full of banners on how to do it quickly and easily, how to do it yourself. There is such a possibility. However, this also depends on the future needs and capabilities of the website owner. Therefore, it is worth asking yourself how qualitatively I will be able to do the website creation work, how later will I be able to contribute to the development of my website, its successful operation, or will I be able to adjust, change the site according to my and visitors’ new needs? If you want a high-quality website, and then its successful operation, maintenance, improvement, you should definitely go to the web development professionals.

Web site development requires a large team: professional designers, programmers, online marketing and SEO specialists. Together, they can create any website that meets the needs of the client, and advise on how to draw the attention of visitors. As mentioned above, web site development involves a long process: from the initial idea of ​​turning it into a realistic implementation – a web site up to the administration and optimization of the site in search engines. So creating websites requires careful, responsible work and experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

Creating Websites: Power of Proper Design

It is known that the visitor first draws attention to the design of the website. Design is a business card for a website. Choosing or designing the right design can have a great impact on attracting the visitor’s attention. It is important to choose an expert in the field who knows the various subtleties of design: from certain colors, effects to the choice of forms. Good design can have a positive impact even on trade! In addition, it is important to design, not to overload the design with unnecessary elements. Everything must be subtle, purposeful, attractive, and tasteful. An extremely important thing for a visitor is easy and convenient access to the information you are looking for, a commonly purchased item or service, or simply a simple web site. So designing web sites also focuses on design that has hidden power for the success of a website.

Website development with SEO

Creating websites does not just end with the creation of a website. It is important to keep an existing website up to date. Great idea, fun content, attractive design, convenient browsing and management has an impact on attracting the visitor, but website optimization for search engines (SEO) is important for the website to be noticed. Optimization can be both internal and external, and combining these two optimization techniques into one is likely to produce stunning results. For example, the selection of appropriate keywords, their frequency of use, interesting articles, fast, uninterrupted web site operation and working with other web pages, especially social networks, promoting the new website created, increasing the authority of the created website can attract a large number of visitors who will later attract others . Search engine optimization can be a great tool for the success and popularity of a website.

Creating a website requires consistent work – from the initial idea, its proper implementation in the form of a website to the successful operation and popularity of the website. Both the future owner of the website and the professionals who create the website are intensively involved in the process of creating a website. Thorough work, the interest of the future web site owner and the dedication of the professionals lead to the creation of a great website.

What is Sustainable Web Design?

What is Sustainable Web Design?

Web design

The Internet, which has recently been seen as an innovation bomb, has become a natural, integral part of everyday life today. Neither businesses, nor entrepreneurs, nor ordinary people without their Internet imagine their lives. In fact, without the Internet, everyone would get lost and get away from one of the most important life engines, even from modern life in general. The Internet allows us to live, plan time, learn things on time. With the growth of the Internet, the potential of modern technologies, the need to be online is also expanding: to be visible, known, noticeable, attractive, open to opportunities that provide information or services. It can be said that the Internet is a real, active life: intensive communication, sharing thoughts, trading, entertaining and doing everything else. Creating websites allows you to integrate into an ever-boiling online life, and its inseparable real life. Web site development opens up opportunities to be cognizant, noticed, and useful. That is why web site development has become one of the most important activities in the field of information technology.

Creating websites for artists, entrepreneurs, entertainers, curious people, and everyone else

Web site development is relevant to both website visitors and creators. A permanent link between the visitor and the site creator creates a huge network of interfaces. The website is designed to visit it, be relevant, useful, and the visitor’s website is important because it can respond to its various needs: communicate, interest, buy and the like. There would be no specific website if it was not needed, but it would not exist if no one visited it. So creating web sites responds to the diverse, endless, most unexpected needs of a modern person. That’s why creating websites is topical for everyone.

The expression on the Internet is so wide that people from different social backgrounds, as well as representatives of different professions, as well as personalities of various needs find their place. Creating a website can be relevant to an artist who wants to express his / her work, look for a like-minded person, an entrepreneur or a company who wants to reach every client and develop a trade in his or her services or goods, for a researcher who wants to publish his / her work and so on. Creating web sites involves everyone, every need, whatever it may seem, and is wide, diverse and unobtrusive. Creating websites allows you to join communities in circles of like-minded people, to meet different needs of people: to share information, to be interested in contemporary issues, to entertain, to communicate. Web site development combines diverse humanity into one large community and, at the same time, into individual smaller communities according to needs and hobbies.

Web site development: Types of websites that meet a wide range of needs

There are a number of key types of websites that focus on the activities of certain people on the web based on their needs and interests. The main types distinguished are:

  • Commercial sites.Otherwise, they are called online stores. Their goal is to attract customers who want to sell services or certain goods. The popularity of online stores is determined by their convenience: ordering a product or service without leaving home, and collecting and buying a product online does not deprive it of the strength of visiting a physical store. So commercial sites are very popular, useful and in demand. In addition, careful online sales tracking can help you build a more successful business, as it can track customer needs and demand for certain goods.
  • Representative sites.This type of website contains information about a particular person or company. They are convenient to provide you with detailed information about yourself as a person, a scientist, an artist, a politician, or even a company, and so on, because all the material you can find is in one place, so it’s convenient for visitors. Similarly, sites of this kind are convenient because they can be rarely updated, need little maintenance because the information provided is usually unchanged, static or low and rarely adjusted.
  • Community Sites.These sites are designed to exchange information. Usually attracts people of common interests and attitudes who then communicate, share their thoughts, discuss, and make friends. Social networking sites are part of community sites and are a popular, popular and endless type of website that attracts people.
  • Entertainment sites.As the name implies, they are relevant to people looking for entertainment: watching movies, listening to music, playing games. These web sites attract a lot of people who want to relax, relax and change their work for a while.
  • News portals.These types of websites provide a variety of topical reviews, comments, and articles. Information on such websites is constantly circulating: new articles and other materials are placed. For this reason, the maintenance of such a site takes a lot of time and effort on the need for constant renewal.
  • Blogging (blog).Usually Lithuanians adapt the English name on the blog to name this type of website. It is like a diary on the internet that contains public speeches, thoughts, opinions and all other types of texts. Interestingly, this type of site is becoming more popular as a way to advertise. So, blogs are becoming more popular among companies looking for new advertising channels and keeping up with online trends. A carefully maintained blog can benefit from popularizing the services or other products you sell. So all you have to do is to place a variety of texts, create a blogging community and convey the information you want to transfer.
  • Personal web pages (blogs).It is a rapidly growing type of website among the bright personalities. The personal website contains personal information about the website owner, his activities, works, even life (if useful), photos, personal articles, works, works and the like. A site of this type can be useful for both its creator who wants his work, the material to be stolen, and the visitor who is interested in a particular personality: after all, all the necessary information appears in one place.
How to Build an Online Store

How to Build an Online Store

Creating e-shops: the most important thing is to choose good professionals

Nowadays, when everything moves to the electronic space, the creation of e-shops is becoming a much needed service. Nowadays, you don’t even have to get out of the house to buy food, clothing, home appliances, medicines, order homemade food, and so on. All this and many more works can be done by sitting at the computer.

Perhaps nobody would be surprised to say that after a few decades, the usual shops that we buy today will disappear. And their place will be occupied by electronic stores. Shopping in such stores is more convenient and faster, because you don’t have to wait in queues, take the time to go to the store and so on. All this becomes especially important before the year’s holidays, when the shops are full of people, huge queues at the checkouts. In addition, having an e-shop is more beneficial to its owners, as there is no need to hire sellers, pay them, rent premises, etc.

The rapid growth of online stores is undoubtedly a delight for the creators of such stores, as more and more people need their services. It has to be said that the creation of e-shops is not a very expensive service, it is also available to people with higher and middle income. However, if you decide that you want to have your own e-shop, look for its creators with great responsibility, because the product they create is a big part of your business’s success. There is a need for special knowledge and skills to create an e-shop. Many people are looking for a lower price for a service and then complain about a poor quality job result. It should be understood that quality service is cost-effective and therefore it is better to contact professionals in the field, to pay more, but to enjoy a quality product. And not pay several times for the same service.

Creating e-shops is only for professionals, because the quality of their work depends on how much the new store will attract potential customers and so on. After all, there are many competitors in the market, and it is very difficult for the new shop to defeat them at the beginning. It is equally important to create an e-shop structure that is as simple and convenient as possible, allowing the owner to easily load goods, their descriptions, and edit content.

Also, the success and profitability of an e-store depends on whether it is convenient for customers to use it: order goods, change the contents of the shopping cart, and pay for the goods. If it is difficult for the buyer to do this, he will simply choose another electronic store and you will lose the customer.

Another important element is the design of an electronic store. It must be tasteful, exclusive, attractive, and delicate. Agree that the aesthetically appealing page will attract more attention from the buyers and will, of course, bring more profit.
As in the case of electronic stores, the number of buyers is increasing before the most important holidays of the year, so it is necessary to ensure that the shop operates smoothly, even if the purchase boom.

Creating electronic stores is a highly demanded service in this age of global computerization. Many businesses and private individuals offer e-shop development services, so you should not get lost among the many attractive offers at first glance and choose reliable and professional providers. Do not spare money because investment in a quality product will soon pay off. Choose correctly and don’t pay twice.

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