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The Magento platform is an unlimited online shopping facility

Online store development services are one of the biggest realities of today. Online stores are gaining popularity worldwide and, of course, in Lithuania, not only in days, but also in hours. It is realistic that one day they will withdraw from the market real stores that do not have their own electronic versions. And shops with websites will just move to the internet. After all, e-commerce has many advantages: you do not need to rent a home shop, hire a salesperson, etc. Online shopping is faster and more convenient because you don’t have to stand in queues, interact with intrusive sellers offering to buy what you don’t need at all.

It has to be said that the popularity of online store development services encourages current or future entrepreneurs to turn to programmers for the creation of a new e-store or the improvement already existing.

In this article, we’ll talk about the most popular e-commerce platform for Magento e-commerce. This platform is mostly used by our company specialists, so we can guarantee that it is the best and most convenient. In general, asking any specialist in the field what kind of platform they choose will be most likely to hear the answer from the Magento platform.

The Magento Platform is probably the most popular, most complex and largest e-commerce platform in the world. This platform is an open source platform. The Magento platform has two versions: a free, also called “community”, and paid, which is usually chosen by large companies. It is written in PHP programming language, uses the Zend frame.

The Magento platform is designed to meet the most exceptional customer needs. If you want customers to come to your online store to be surprised, enjoy the convenience of shopping, just select this platform for creating online stores.

The advantages of Magento are unlimited modification possibilities. With the Magento platform, you will create an online store that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. The capabilities of the Magento platform are almost limitless. It is a platform for professionals managing a number of large online stores.

It is this powerful, huge platform for e-commerce development that allows you to create high-volume stores (millions and more). Of course, the maintenance of such huge stores is quite costly because it requires a lot of administrative staff.

One of the many advantages of the Magento e-commerce platform is that it is possible to use a shopping cart on this platform. It is incredibly convenient for shop customers who can buy many goods at the same time.

If you compare the Magento platform with another pretty popular PrestaShop platform, PrestaShop is more suitable for small and medium business. It is free, but you can purchase various additional paid modules. The PrestaShop e-commerce platform is suitable for low-skilled businesses, as its core functions are designed to work without the need for constant human care. The Magento platform requires an employee to sort the goods. The PrestaShop platform stands out for its convenient, fast, easy search for goods.

Another Shopify platform is the most suitable for those who are just starting an e-commerce business. Compared to the Magento platform, Shopify is easier to manage and fit for both small and large online stores. The great advantage of Shopify is that this platform does not require additional external programming resources. One of the main drawbacks is the extra charge for each function.

Our company Studio 4D uses the Magento platform, which allows creating a client’s dream store, for the creation of online stores. The capabilities of this platform are enormous, enabling even the most difficult customer expectations to be met. Magento Platform – Unlimited Design Options for Your Online Store, Large SEO Resources, Unlimited Plugins, and so on. This platform has all the latest features that electronic shop owners can dream of. And if you need more, experienced professionals can create exactly what you need with the Magento platform.

Choose us and we will work together on business heights!

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